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Okura Hotel Amsterdam is our best kept secret for the finest dining to be had in the City. Whilst Japanese suisine may not come to mind in teh Dutch capital, you will be in for an absolute treat at the hotel, with its array of Michelin starred dining. The latest eatery here to be awarded a Michelin star is Sazanka, the fine Teppanyaki restaurant with a vibrant and spectacular live cooking show. Adjacent is the revered Michelin-starred authentic Japanese restaurant Yamazato. LuxePrivé had the great pleasure of speaking to the Chef during a busy service (book well ahead, the restaurant is justifyably busy!). Here the menu is true to Kwaseki cuisine that focuses on Seasonality - with dishes reflecting beautifully the gifts of nature, including the natural shapes, textures amd colours of the restaurant's own Japanese garden setting complete with Cherry Blosson trees. The standout dishes here included the winter-themed igloo sculpture on a plate housing the freshest of market fish. Service is gracious courtesy of charming Kimono wrapped hostesses. This is our Top Selection for the very finest authentic Japanese experience! Meanwhile, charasmatic Michelin starred chef Onno Kokmeijer and his right hand man Arjan Speelman, brings flair to the Hotel's 23rd Floor dining spot, Ciel Bleu, with aplomb. This top class restaurant is decorated in a style befitting the exuberance of the Chef himself: a dazzling bar leads to the main dining room, banquettes and shining mirrors make for a glamorous ambiance. From well spaced tables enjoy unobsrtucted, spectacluar views of the city below - this is top class dining from a suitably dizzying height that reflects all the lofty cuisine of the Chef himself! The menu takes you on a culinary tour of the finest ingredients from The Netherlands, sourced with great care by the Chef himself, - and immortalised in a now English version of his Gourmet recipe book. Service is as polished as the surrounds and the award-winning wine list here match perfectly the two-Michelin starred cuisine. Factor in a Taste of Okura cookery school and you have a Gourmet mecca in the heart of Amsterdam!


Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Ferdinand Bolstraat 333


020 7183 6425



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