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Amongst the new wave of Asian restaurant openings in London, Sumosan has confidently stood the test of time. For over 10 years Sumosan London has been a firm favourite, serving its original take on contemporary Japanese cuisine. As one of the pioneers of modern Japanese restaurants, Sumosan was first launched in Moscow almost 20 years ago by Alexander Wolkow, with daughter Janina now at the reigns in London. Unlike its more flashy -and perhaps more flash in the pan - neighbours, this is a place for the long-time sushi connaiseur who likes the action on the plate, not the scene. Still, it manages to attract a loyal social set including A list clientèle who come for reliable menu favourites and discretion. With a string of culinary awards, the restaurant also caters to the international jet set - quite literally, with outside its brand of J-Catering now available to the private jet market as well as a host of private and corporate events (Chelsea football club VIP boxes eat in style thanks to Sumosan caterers). The menu, both at the cosy J-bar downstairs and in the airy main dining room, includes fresh and decandent ingredient combinations like the unctuous poached oysters uni with fois gras and a new menu includes some standout dishes including the exquisite Wasabi Prawns (one of the few kitchens using the true version of this green treasure) and Nicole Kidman's favourite Sashimi J-style Suprise, being a zesty truffle dressing. The true surprise however was the extraordinary dedication and passion of service and long-standing staff including Head Sommelier Jean-Louis Naveilhan, an expert at matching the menu's complex flavours with a well structured list of unusual wine and sake pairings, including the complex Flavus "Palomino" Blanco personally sourced from Spain. A strong team behind a reliable restaurant thats set to continue pleasing those in-the-know.


Sumonsan & J-Bar

26 B Albemarle Street



020 7495 5999


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