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The it-girls' hidden secret

For the ultimate Made-in-Chelsea glow, sashay no further than Haris, the perennial it-girl's favourite hair salon, where, since 2010 the Debbie Thomas Collective has had her top-class / top-floor beauty salon. Hidden it may be, but this is the savvy girls go-to destination for skin breakouts, scarring, blocked pores or even just to kick-start a healthy skincare regime. Debbie is a perfectionist and her bespoke approach means no two sessions are the same. She takes the time to get to know each client and their goals before going on to combine an array of results-driven techniques as part of her renowned DNA treatment. From peels, hydra dermabrasion, Diamond-tip microdermabrasion, radio-frequency and photo-dynamic light therapy, the high-tech equipment in the salon is extensive. For specific skin concerns, Debbie will use either Frac3 Rejuvenation or Fractional Laser Peels, methods that have earned her the name London’s ‘Laser Queen’. But as well as all the techie gadgets we found it was Debbie's expert touch, gentle but effective in administering her hands-on muscle manipulation and lymphatic drainage, that really gives perfectly preened results. Its no wonder that a bevy of TV beauties wouldn't trust their skin with anyone else. With the added advantage of not being tied to one brand, Debbie picks and chooses products from a range of high quality lines including SkinCeuticals, Neo-strata and Valmont. Wishing for better skin? Chelsea has a skincare godmother!


Debbie Thomas Advances Skin Treatments

2nd Floor, Haris Salon

305 Brompton Road



020 7581 5211


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