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Award-winner Dr Terry Loong's clinic, conveniently located in Mayfair, offers a one stop for your beauty and anti-ageing concerns. From the very first consultation, Dr Terry, a professionally trained practitioner, offers her expert advice to help you acheive your bespoke aims. During a relaxed 30 minute session, Dr Terry will devise a personalised treatment plan just for you, which can involve anything from the popular muscle relaxants and volumnisation treatments to her system of Biostimulation and Biorevitalisation using RegenPRP as well as more holistic medical solutions focusing on hormonal, fitness and diet solutions such as Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). With the distinct advantage of being medically trained, upon request Dr Terry also offers in depth consultation (typically 1-1.5hours) to include a thorough medical history, clinical examination, review of diagnostic test results to fully address your health as well as beauty - inside and out. Here, beauty is tackled from the very core: a reassuring and holistic approach that is so often missing in more superficial clinics. The treatment does not stop there: with a philosophy that any treatment should be long-term, Dr Terry will also create you a bespoke beauty maintaince programme. A dependable full service approach, you'll be in trustworthy, professional hands.


The Skin Energy™ Clinic

37, North Audley Street,




020 7127 8108



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