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A Soho institution

We say: Cool pre and post theatre spot

Stroll along Soho's bustling Brewer Street and you'll be sure to hear the blare of the music and the animated buzz of conversation from the packed tables at Randall & Aubin from a block away. The long lines outside are testament to the enormous and long-standing popularity of this veritable soho institution. A former butchers shop, white tiles and marble slab tables recall its former status and hint at the freshly prepared fare that is served here today. The décor of the restaurant, much like the area its set in, is an eclectic mix of the past and vibrancy of present day urban life, where traditional elements are mixed with sparkle - quite literally as the disco ball glimmers over charmingly old-fashioned wooden bar booths. Perch here and enjoy a vibrant dining prelude to the spectacle of nearby theatre land, or retreat for a night cap and a bite. EIther way, the small "assiette" or the luscious seafood will keep you crying for an encore. On the blackboard above the open plan kitchen are scrawled the day's suggestions, from warm seafood salads, grills and crisp crab cakes to a full rotisserie of farm poultry and meats and even all day snacks like eggs benedict. LPV loves the Plateau de Fruits de Mer, a cornucopia of seafood that is succulent and expertly sourced, from plump Fines de Clair, New Zealand palm-sized mussels, creamy Dorset crab, Irish whelks and prawns - best washed down with a chilled, minerally white, selected from an excellent choice of international wines on the list. Cheery and helpful staff add to a perky, spirited night that may well have you enjoying the beats and ordering another round of bubbly well after the curtain falls.


Randall & Aubin

16 Brewer Street




020 72874447



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