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Calling all urban gauchos: Saddle up and head to Ziolo where chef Diego Jacquet showcases the best of Argentinian food and wines. Located conveniently near Selfridges, exit the bustle of nearby shopping streets and be transported to a cosy room complete with dim lighting, exposed brick walls, wooden tables and a relaxed, convival feel - perfect for enjoying the comforting, hearty Argentine fare. Downstairs houses the open plan kitchen - perch on the bar seats here for a view of the chefs firing up onctuous cuts of beef. Choose from prime Argentinian cuts including the Ojo di Bife (Rib eye) and the Lomo (Beef filet) or the Asado, served with Celriac and Bone Marro. The emphasis is on inventive flavour combinations, with a menu that manages to reflect Argentina's rich culinary blend of cultures and techniques. Classic dishes are given a zingy twist: a Chicken Empanadas has a smoky richness with the addition of Shallots and Cumin or opt for Chicken Matambre with Tapioca, Palm Hearts and Aioli for a unexpected blend of taste and textures. Not surprisingly here, the wine list showcases the finest regional labels with a well selected list all in the highly affordable range. Oenophiles can set out on a voyage of discovery here: cleverly, the majority of the wines are also served by the glass and carafe, allowing you to discover your own favourite regional varieties. Even the cocktails pay homage to the latin roots, with classics like Mojitos served alongside the popular house cocktail Sweet Fernando made with Fernet Branca, honey and lime juice. Its no wonder Ziolo has been the exclusive Argentine caterer to the most prestigious Polo events, setting the standards high for an increasingly popular cuisine in the London dining scene.


9 Duke St,



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