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Complimentary on-site consultation (Usual fee: £1,500)

Janine Stone designs, renovates, builds and furnishes outstanding private residences around the world. Responding to their discerning clients’ individual tastes and requirements, they balance the originality and imagination of their architects and interior designers with the practical, professional skills and sound financial advice of their quantity surveyors and project managers. The end result is truly distinctive luxury homes, each one telling an exceptional story of the family that lives there. Janine Stone is offering LuxPrivé members who are considering undertaking a major refurbishment of a residential property that they own or they are about to purchase a free, on-site consultation to explore the opportunities that it presents to be developed into a home that perfectly matches their tastes and aspirations. (Usual fee: £1,500)


The Old Imperial Laundry

71/73 Warriner Gardens


United Kingdom

SW11 4XW.

DX: 02076 279 923 or M: 07595 205 066



Contact Dominic Parker, Director, International Private Clients, Janine Stone Interior Design, Architecture, Build & Project Management

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