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Enjoy the serenity of an idyllic Asian retreat, without the long-haul jet lag, at the newly opened Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat tucked away discreetly in the Sierra de las Nievas hills of Spain, only 15 minutes from the contrasting glamour of Marbella.

With just 14 individually designed rooms, all set around a central dining courtyard, the property has the intimate feel of an extension of it's founders' home: the fruition of a long held passion, founder Kezia Jacobsen brings 25 years' experience in beauty, health and healing to the resort, with a heart warming generosity of spirit and a philosophy of giving guests a little bit more than expected. The philosophy carries through in each of it's tailor made programmes, ranging from detox, weight-loss, yoga (with its inspiring indoor and outdoor bespoke yoga pavillions) to more traditional relaxation and expertly administered beauty spa treatments. A boutique retreat for all, it even caters for gourmands, with it's restaurant Amrita managing to make healthy dishes wonderfully tasty by sourcing seasonal, local produce (whether it be the deliciously fragrant house olive oil from nearby Monda or fresh ingredients direct from it's own organic garden). A sanctuary for the soul, Shanti-Som is a welcome new addition to the holistic spa retreat scene.



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